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Michel Verlinden in Bruzz

We were floored by the quality of the soup, which combined cauliflower and turmeric. Both comforting and exotic, with a thick texture but not too heavy, the dish was enhanced with some walnut pieces and some vinaigrette. As for the injera, it was similarly impressive, the kind of food that melts in your mouth and takes time to work its magic.

Nicolas Gomaz on google:

Hands down the best value for money food in T&T. Incredible flavors, very special and well prepared food. Friendly service.

Remzi on Happy Cow:

I love having lunch there, it’s heaven for tastebuds and a big plus: I’m supporting other great causes as well as the restaurant is conscious about employing women and advocating for different cultures.


Hilde in Bruzz, about the start of the project:

Het moest een sociaal project worden waarbij brood centraal stond. Niet het klassieke brood, maar het platbrood dat wereldwijd in zoveel variaties bestaat. “

SAW-B, l'association des entreprises sociales, sur leur site:

Faire la cuisine ou partager un repas : quel meilleur moyen pour briser les barrières ? Qu’elles soient sociales, culturelles ou de linguistiques d’ailleurs. Au cœur de Tour et Taxis à Bruxelles, La Fourna propose à sa clientèle une panoplie de pains plats, de spreads et de plats végétariens du monde entier. Leur particularité ? La Fourna met la lumière sur les talents des femmes issues de l’immigration.


Reportage sur BX1

From our guestbook:

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